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NJ Play Sports Coed Cup In Hand Kickball Rules

Cup in Hand Coed Kickball Rules (Yogi Berra Stadium - Montclair Area)


- 10 fielders per coed kickball team (Minimum 3 Women)

- Kickball rosters must consist of at least 13 coed players

- All players must be 21+ to participate

- All players present are required to kick

- No Bunting!

- Each non-roster sub must register in advance on our website and pay $10 sub fee at field before playing

- No subs permitted during playoffs

- Kickball League games will consist of 9 innings or 50 minutes whichever comes first (no new innings with start after 50 minutes)

-Once a runner crosses the "commit cone" a force play is in affect at home plate. (Runner runs to safety base and fielder stands on home plate. The runner can still be tagged or pegged out.

- 1 inning will be played if the score is tied after 9 innings and time permits

- Tie games at game completion with result in a tie for each team

- Kickball Games called after 3 innings will be considered a complete game

- There is a 7 run limit per inning except in the last inning

- All players must arrive on-time to avoid forfeiture of game(Game time is forfeit time)

- All games are RAIN or SHINE (unless hazardous conditions)

- Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in future NJ Play activities, at the discretion of NJ Play officials.

Check In

Players must check-in with the NJ Play Sports Official or site manager at the field prior to the start of your game.

Forfeits - Required Players

NJ Play Sports stresses that you do not forfeit. Your teammates and opponents count on you to have a full team and competitive game. At check-in, inform NJ Play official if you a) know that your team will be short players for your game or b) expect to field a full team, but are currently short players. Officials will help make sure that a game is played, whether official or scrimmage, on every field.

- Must have at least 7 players including 1 female to start a kickball game

- Game time is forfeit time. There is no grace period

- No one may participate without signing the online waiver


Forfeit Penalties and Notification

- First Offense: Loss of game

- Second Offense: Loss of game and removal from the playoffs

- Third Offense: Removal from the rest of the schedule

- If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, you MUST contact NJ Play Sports at least TWO hours prior to your scheduled game time on the day of your game at Failure to do so will result in a $30 penalty which will be donated to charity.

- There is no additional penalty if you show up short-handed (and need to add other NJ Play players to field a full team) and have to forfeit the game, since you did make an effort to get a team to play.

- Once NJ Play Sports is notified you are forfeiting, it is official, and the other team will be notified.

Questions for the kickball referee - only the team captain is allowed to ask the head referee for rule clarification. If it is a judgment call, the referees can confer with each other and the team captains for discussion, but players and/or captains are not allowed to question judgment calls.

Game Cancellations

- Kickball league games may be cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions, facility constraints or other unforeseeable reasons. NJ Play will not cancel games unless absolutely necessary, so you should always assume games are on unless you receive notification. If the games are cancelled, we will notify all players via email.

Cup in Hand Kickball:

- All active players (all defensive fielders and offensive kickers/runners) MUST start each inning with liquid (preferably water) in their cups ABOVE the designated line (middle groove in a standard Solo cup)

-A fielder cannot place their cup in their mouth/armpit/etc. or set/drop their cup to make a play (if this happens, the play is dead and the offensive player is safe/given the next base)

-If a fielder makes a play without a cup in their hand the runners advances to the next base or the base they were running towards

- Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result will in ejection from game. 

Start of a Kickball Game

- Referee will have two captains shoot rock/paper/scissors, odds/evens, or coin flip.

- Winning captain selects if they would like to take the field first or kick first

Clock Time

- A game consists of 9 innings or 50 minutes, whichever comes first


- Positions: Pitcher, Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Shortstop and 4 Outfielders

- Outfielders must start each pitch approximately 10 yards from the infield

- Infielders must start each pitch behind the imaginary line from 1st and 3rd base

- Catcher must be approximately 3 feet behind home plate

- Intentionally dropping the kickball to induce a double play will result in each player, including the kicker to advance to the next base (one base from the start of the pitch)

- Catchers are required if a team has 9 or more players present

- Runner interference is called when a fielder intentionally or unintentionally blocks a runner's path.  The result will be the running obtaining the base they were approaching

- Runners will be called safe if they are avoiding a collision due to a fielder covering the base or in the base path.


- Kickball strike zone is the plate plus 3 feet (Designated by rubber mats)

- No Overhand/Side arm pitching, the kickball must be rolled underhand

- Walk: 4 Balls; Out: 3 Strikes (including foul on 3rd strike)

-An intentional walk to any batter will result in a bases clearing home run. **Intentional walk described as a 4-0 count**


- A line-up card with first and last name must be presented to referee and other team captain prior to the start of the game

- All players present must kick

- No more than 3 males may kick back to back in the kickball line-up

- The kickball must reach home plate before it is kicked

- No bunting is allowed, a foul will be called for all balls kicked that do not reach the imaginary line between 1st and 3rd or at referees discretion

Base Running

- Runners must run in the base paths, running out of the base paths (other than to avoid contact with another player) will result in an out

- The runner must try to avoid contact at all times, runners will be out for failure to avoid contact

- Force plays softball/baseball rules

-No Tagging up! Or advancing on caught fly balls - and runners are responsible for staying on their base/getting back to the start base if they left.

- Hitting the runner, below the shoulders, with a thrown ball will result in the runner being out

- All throws must remain under the runners shoulders

- No leading or stealing, the runner must remain on the base until the ball is kicked

- The runner will be awarded the base they are traveling toward if they are hit above the shoulders

- If the runner is sliding into a base and is hit above the shoulders they may still be called out if the umpire deems the throw to be unintentional

- Intentional use of head or neck to block the ball will result in an out

- Tie goes to the runner

-Once a runner crosses the "commit cone" a force play is in affect at home plate. (Runner runs to safety base and fielder stands on home plate. The runner can still be tagged or pegged out.

Foul Ball

- Kickball that lands in foul territory

- Kickball that lands in fair territory but goes into foul territory before passing 1st or 3rd without touching a player

- A kick made prior to the ball crossing home plate


- A kickball rolled outside of the strike zone

- Catcher's Interference : Catcher not beginning play approximately 3 feet behind

- Illegal Pitch: Pitcher crossing the mound prior to pitching


- Three strikes including a foul ball after two strikes

- Catching a kicked ball in the air

- Foul balls can be caught in the air for an out

- The runner is touched by the kickball, thrown or tagged, anytime not on base

- The reaching a base before the runner when the runner is forced to that base

- Runners taking leads before the pitch


End of Play

- When the pitcher has possession of the ball in the pitching area

- If a runner is not on base they may advance to the next bag or retreat to the previous bag



  • Ranking Points (Win: 3, Tie:1, Loss: 0)
  • Win Percentage
  • Head to Head
  • Points Against
  • Power Index (Strength of Schedule Metric)
  • If none of the above tie breakers resolve seeding issues there will a coin toss to break the tie