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Our team is committed to giving our community any resources they may need in order to field a team and avoid forfeits. One of the best resources is inviting other members of the community to play on your team. You can elect to invite a guest who does not play in the league - often referred to as a SUB or SUBSTITUTE. If you are inviting someone who does not play in the league, pleae share the following information: 


Please have your phone with you, when you arrive to the field, before your game. You'll need to show your confirmation email to the site manager, prior to participating in the game.  



Teams may also invite players from other teams in the league. Those players do not need to register as a sub. 



  • Teams are only allowed to pick up enough players to help them meet the game minimum. (For example, in 8v8 coed soccer, a team with only 5 total players present may invite up to 3 guests in order to get their team size to 8.)


  • Any additional guest participants must be approved of by captain of the opposing team BEFORE the game. (For example, in the same instance as the example above, a team may invite FOUR (4) players to participate as a guest; however, that 4th addition must be approved by the opposing captain BEFORE the game.