NJ Play Sports in 2023

We're ready to make a big leap forward...

2023 NJ Play Sports Updates

Thanks for the role you’ve played in allowing us to bring adult sports leagues to our community in 2022. We’ve got some changes/updates coming in 2023 that we’d like to share with you. 


What’s really important to communicate, is that we’ve put a lot of thought into these changes/updates. Each of them has a purpose, that we believe will play a role in achieving an overall improved league experience. 


Take a look at what’s to come in 2023

7 Games Guaranteed for All Leagues

Seven (7) games guaranteed, for all leagues, across all sports. 

This is our first step in creating consistency in what to expect when you participate in an NJ Play Sports league. In previous years, some of our leagues varied between 6 or 7 game seasons.


Now, no matter what, you can expect to be scheduled for at least 7 games every season (Additional games available for teams advancing through playoffs)  


*We will continue to offer Quickie leagues. Those leagues will be clearly advertised as shorter seasons, for those looking for a shorter participation window


Longer Early Bird Window

The largest Early Bird price discount is now offered for the longest amount of time!  


How it used to be

Largest Early Bird Discount (ie: $100 off): first seven days of registration 

Smaller Early Bird Discount (ie: $50 off): next four to six weeks of registration

Late Registration Price (ie: $0 off): last seven to ten days of registration

How it is going to be

Largest Early Bird Discount (ie: $100 off): all the way up to the last seven to ten days of registration

Late Registration Price ($0 off): last seven to ten days of registration 


A New Take on League Shirts

We will no longer offer league shirts after January 31, 2023. 

It’s wild to think of playing sports leagues without a league shirt… 


… until you think about every time you have ever played a sport with just your friends and family. (really, the only thing that matters is team color and even that doesn’t happen when you play pick up games)


The hard truth is that adult sports leagues give you a shirt with your registration, really so that they can slap a logo on you. 


More hard truths about adult sports league shirts 

(all sports leagues providers): 

  • The shirts were never all that comfortable
  • The designs hardly ever change 
  • It offers no creativity or exclusivity to the team experience 
  • Sizing options aren’t always inclusive
  • It’s not innovative, it’s just a thing we’re used to 


There’s more, but you get the point. 



NJ Play Sports will make efforts to be a more sustainable business. Eliminating shirts will be a big step in that direction. We’ll be cutting waste in addition to becoming less dependent on unnecessary fabrics, dyes, and ink production. 

We’ll also have more time, operationally, to deliver on more important parts of the sports league experience, like launching a new mobile app that will 100% bring you tons of value! 


To learn more about how each sport is affected by this change, CLICK HERE!


New NJ Play Sports Mobile App

An easier, cleaner, centralized way to experience adult sports leagues

NJ Play Sports is launching a new mobile app to help bring everything to one place. This new app will allow you to check your schedule, group chat with your team, check standings, rate your officials/refs, register for your next league and a whole lot more! 


We’re really excited about the immediate feedback you’ll be able to share about your team and your opponents, right after your game. 


Save Money Inviting Players to Your Team

Teams pay less

We’re offering an additional roster spot to your base team fee. Currently, your team covers the team minimum + four additional roster spots. 

Example: 5v5 Basketball - Team fee covers five spots + four additional roster spots (9 team roster)


Now your base feel will cover the team minimum + FIVE additional roster spots. 

Example: 5v5 Basketball - Team fee covers five spots + five additional roster spots (10 team roster)


ALSO, we’re decreasing the cost of additional roster spots from $50 to $25!

New Champs Prize

Each rostered player on a championship team will receive a $15 NJPS Gift Card

Here’s another chance for us to offer a bit of innovation. For years, adult sports leagues have been offering a t-shirt to celebrate teams winning a league championship. Our goal is to offer players more options to celebrate. 


Use your $15 NJPS Gift Card for either of the following: 

  • Apply to your next league registration OR 
  • Purchase swag/gear from NJPS store 


Got questions, thoughts, feedback or additional change suggestions? Shoot us a message at nj@playsportsco.com