Late Registrations

Info for players who join a league after registration closes.

Thanks for signing up for our NJ Play Sports leagues!


Captains are allowed to add players to their rosters up to the final week of the regular season. Our goal is to ensure that all NJ Play Sports participants receive their league shirts and all communication, upon registering. To help us accomplish this goal, we ask that captains submit this form when players confirm a spot on the roster AFTER the original (preseason) registration deadline. 



1. Captains should forward/share any league communication to Late Registrants 

2. Late registrants may have to wait 2-3 weeks before receiving their shirt. 

3. For STATS Leagues, Late Registrants may experience a delay in their stat tracking. 


Adding players to your roster after the deadline?

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Last Name
(What team is gaining the new player(s))?
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