Xbox FIFA 20 Tournament Series - Preseason

  • Sport: eSports
  • Format: Individual Registrations (H2H Format)
  • Locations: Remote
  • Days of the week: Friday
  • Started on : Started on Friday, March 27
  • Dates: 3.27
  • Times: 8:30 PM, 9:15 PM, 10:00 PM

Signup Deadline: Friday, March 27

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Event Details (Sprint Tournament Series)
Sprint series events will not include a pool play round.
Tournaments will go directly to single-elimination
Seeding for these tournaments will be randomized until the start of the semi-finals round:

Prior the semifinals round, the higher (randomly) seeded team will:
- Act as the home team
- Be responsible for creating the head 2 head lobby and inviting the opponent to the match

Once the semifinals begin, the the following tiebreakers will be used to determine the home team:
- Tiebreaker 1: Points Allowed
- Tiebreaker 2: Points Scored
- Tiebreaker 3: Higher (Random) Seeded team
(The home team is responsible for creating the head 2 head lobby and inviting opponent to the match)
*If a participant forfeits a match, the score will be recorded as (3-0)

General Rules Summary - Open Format (Random Seeding/Match-ups)
1. Games played via FIFA Head to Head (H2H) FRIENDLY mode
2. Half length: 10 minutes
3. Controls: Any
4. Difficulty/Skill Level: Professional
5. Game Speed: Normal
6. Weather: Sunny/Clear
7. Squad Type: Online
● Do not choose Squad Type “Custom”
● Any setting not listed above should not be changed from the
game’s default setting option.
Match-up Process
● Once registration closes, tournament administrators will provide scheduling for pool play and/or single elimination.
● The participant who is scheduled as the home team (THE TEAM LISTED ON TOP) will invite the away participant to a FIFA H2H match-up.
● The winning participant is responsible for reporting the score to the tournament administrator.

  • Xbox - FIFA 20

    • Age: 18 and Up