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Men's Indoor Soccer - T/Th - Montclair

  • Sport: Soccer
  • Format: 7v7 Men's Soccer
  • Locations: Sports Domain Academy Montclair
  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Started on : Started on Tuesday, December 18
  • Dates: 12.18, 12.20, 1.3, 1.8, 1.10, 1.15, 1.17, 1.22, 1.24, 1.29, 1.31, 2.5, 2.7
  • Times: 9:00 PM, 9:15 PM, 9:30 PM, 9:45 PM, 10:00 PM, 10:15 PM, 10:45 PM

Signup Deadline: Monday, December 17


7v7 Indoor Tuesday/Thursday Night Men's Soccer in Montclair - 6 week regular season games plus playoffs for qualified teams (team can play up to 8 games).

Games are two 20 minute halves on full 7v7 field! Same field size as our outdoor Wayne league!!

NJ Play Sports provides team shirts.


Championship swag
Donation to charity of choice
Location - 14 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ 07042

Minimum 10 roster players per team

Recap of Rules below


Men's 7v7 Soccer (6 players and goalie)
Team must have at least 5 players to play at game time. Any less will result in a forfeit.
To avoid forfeitures, teams may pick up an additional player from another preceding team to field a full team. When adding players from a previous game, you must inform both the referee and the opposing team captain.
All players must be registered in order to be eligible to play.
Substitute Players - Subs must registered and paid before he/she can play. All subs must check in with the site manager or referee before the start of the game in order to play.
Substitute players are prohibited from playing any playoff games.
NO slide tackling - Goalies are allowed to slide feet first, but any contact with opposing player will result in a penalty.
Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in that player or team being suspended or removed from participating in all NJ Play leagues in the future.
Forfeitures / Game Time

Please avoid forfeiture. Both your teammates and opponents count on you to have a full team and competitive game. Since there is a non-stop, running clock, each time will start precisely. Game time is forfeit time.
Play Time

Two 20 minute halves

Team Shirts will be provided by NJ Play Sports.
NO metal cleats permitted on field. We strongly recommend purchasing turf soccer shoes our outdoor rubber cleats.
Shin guards are strongly recommended.

Scoring/ Wins, Losses, and Ties

Regular season games ending in a tie will be recorded as a tie. Sudden death will be used in playoffs.
Soccer Rules

Players will be carded or ejected for any unsportsmanlike conduct, with referee's discretion.
Games being with a kick-off from the center mark. The referee will have two captains shoot odds/evens or rock/paper/scissors prior to the game. The winning captain's team will start with the ball.
Goals cannot be scored from opening kick-off. The ball must be touched by another player in order to score.
The opposing team must be 5 yards away from the ball for all kick-offs.
Unlimited substitutions of players are allowed. Teams do not need referee's permission to substitute. No need to wait for game stoppage. All players not in the game must stand in designated area, off of the field.
There is no off-sides rule.
Fouls and Misconduct

All fouls are indirect.
Dangerous plays: A player can not intentionally kick, trip, jump at, strike, hold, push, charge from behind or violently charge an opponent. Violations can result in carding or ejection from game.
Swearing, gesturing, or arguing with the referee or any player is prohibited.
Intentional handball will result in an direct free kick. However, a hand ball should not be called if player is instinctively trying to protect themselves from injury or the player did not deliberately touch the ball but the ball hit his/her arm/hand.
Slide tackling is not be allowed and will result in a free kick. Second violation will result in a two minute penalty. Multiple violations will result in ejection from game.
Referees will explain to a player why the foul was awarded.
Any player who is yellow carded must sit out for 4 minutes. Team is not allowed to substitute in another player during this time. The referee will notify penalized player when they are able to return.

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    • Level: Competitive
    • Gender: Males Only
    • Age: 18 and Up
    • Team
      • Status: Closed
      • Cost: $110.00
      • Team

      (Fee is per player)

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