Weather Updates

Need to know if your game is still on? ⛅️🌧❄️

Q: Where do I find out if my game has been canceled/rescheduled due to weather?

A: Updates related to game cancellations can be found on the HOMEPAGE. If your league has not been cancelled/postponed on the homepage, assume that your game is still on. 

*If your team is ever unable to make a game, please email us at 

Our goal is to make as many games happen as possible. We really, really, REALLY, dislike cancelling/rescheduling games. We are as excited to host you each week, as you are to play! 


Whenever a cancellation is decided, we will share updates as soon as possible.


Q: Why was my game cancelled so late? I was on my way to the field! 


Sometimes weather comes in late. And again, we want to avoid cancelling prematurely. Also, there are times that we are fine to play at one location, but not another, in the same neighborhood. In those instances, we rely on our field staff to let us know that games need to be cancelled. In the event of an onfield cancellation, we will notify you via email and/or text message.