NJ Play Sports Co-ed Dodgeball Rules

NJ Play Sports Co-ed Dodgeball Rules

Co-ed Dodgeball SETUP

  • Dodgeball teams are co-ed 6v6 
  • Minimum of 2 females on the court
  • If short females, team can play with 1 female but max 4 males on the court
  • Minimum roster size of 9 players
  • 1 match will consist of 11 games (all 11 games count towards standings PLAY FAST)
  • Each Dodgeball game lasts 4 minutes or until all players are eliminated
  • 5 - 6 inch foam dodgeballs will be used for game play. 
  • Players not in the initial 6v6 will start in the QUEUE (all players are eligible to return to the game after a catch)
  • At the end of each four minute game the team with the most players remaining will get a win for that game.  If teams have the same number of players remaining each team play “GOLDEN OUT”, the first team to eliminate one player from the other team earns a win. 


Player Responsibility

Declare yourself “out” if you are hit with the ball.

Tell a teammate to leave the court if he/she is “out” 

Referees do the best they can to make accurate calls. 

*Only team captains may discuss calls with the official*


Official’s Responsibilities

Starting the Match

Keeping Time

Recording Wins & Losses

Enforcing Slow-Play Rule

Enforcing Player Responsibilities (ie calling yourself or a teammate out)

Managing the game

Confirming Final score with team captains at the end of the match



5 - 6in foam balls will be used for game play



Teams consist of six players

Maximum of 4 males on the court at all times


  • All team players are eligible to “re-enter” the game after a “catch” is made. Must follow: Maximum 6 player and maximum 4 male rules



Matched consist of 11 games.

Timed Game.

A game is played until the four minute time limit expires or all opponents are eliminated on one side. If time expires, all remaining players are counted. The team with most players remaining wins the game.

***All games count towards a team record. No new games will start after the match clock hits 55 minutes. DON’T STALL, PLAY FAST. 


Beginning Play

Play begins with all players positioned behind their team's end-line.

The Rush

The Rush occurs at the beginning of each game or reset.

Upon the official's signal, both teams rush to center court and attempt to retrieve as many balls as possible.

A team may rush with as many or as few players as it wants, but at least one person from each team has to Rush.

There is no limit to how many balls an individual player may retrieve.

Players may not slide or dive head first into the neutral zone or they will be called out.

Crossing over the neutral zone will result in an "out."

Players may not physically grab and pull another player across the neutral zone or prevent them from returning to their side of the court.


Putting a Ball in Play

The player and the ball must go completely behind the attack line. During the Rush, any ball retrieved from the neutral zone must be returned behind the attack line before it may be thrown at an opponent. A ball that hasn't crossed the attack line is considered a dead ball, any hits or catches are voided plays.

There are several ways to put a ball into play following a Rush.

A player carries the ball across the attack line.

A player passes the ball a teammate who is behind or carries it across the attack line.

A player rebounds the ball off the back wall of a closed court.


Time Outs

There are no team time outs



Player shall be deemed "out" when a live ball hits any part of the player's body, clothing, or uniform.

If a player is hit by a live ball rebounding off another player or ball lying on the court.

A defending player catches a live ball they have thrown

Players shall return from the Queue in any order (regardless if they started the game or not)

Once a ball bounces off any object at the court it is a dead ball, being hit by the ball or catching the ball will not result in an out. 



Players can defend themselves by blocking the ball in flight with another ball but must retain control over the ball they are blocking with. A player dropping or losing possession of the blocking ball is deemed "out."

Any blocked ball rebounding off another ball is considered live. Any player hit by the rebounding ball is deemed "out."



The act of squeezing the ball in order to alter the thrown or blocked ball is not allowed.



In order to reduce stalling, a five (5) second count will be issued by the head ref to the team who has the advantage in balls. The count will begin at the discretion of the head ref. AN INSTANT 5 SECOND COUNT BEGINS WITH 60 SECONDS LEFT IN A GAME. THE COUNT WILL ONLY RESET ON A LEGAL THROW - so rolling or intentional grounding the ball will not reset count

All ball in possession must be thrown to the other team’s side of the court and PAST THE ATTACK LINE. If a player does not move a ball to the other side of the ATTACK LINE (not the center line) within the 5 seconds, they will be declared “Out”.

No hiding the ball under your shirt

When a team is down to one player, it is permissible to collect the balls on their court and move one ball over in a timely manner.

• The final player may also choose not to have a ball in their hands so that they may catch a ball thrown by the other team as long as they are moving a ball over regularly and not intentionally delaying the game.

Stalling after 5 second count will result in an out.

Out of Bounds Rule

If any part of the player's body touches the endlines or far neutral zone line, the player shall be deemed "out".


Neutral Zone Rule

The neutral zone is a 4' by 30' area centered around the centerline. A player may safely step into the neutral zone but not across. Any player crossing over the neutral zone is deemed “out."



A headshot occurs when a player is hit directly in the head by a high thrown ball.

Any thrower committing a headshot will be deemed “out.”

• If the hit player was ducking, dipping, diving or dodging and are hit in the head the hit player will be out. 


Final Player Redemption - With Basketball Hoops

When there is one player remaining on either team, that player may attempt to sink a basket at the opposing team’s hoop.

• Make a basket will result in the entire team returning to the court.  

Shots released before being called out will count as a made basket

Players can make any attempt at stopping the ball from going through the hoop EXCEPT throwing a second ball through the underside of the hoop. 


Golden Out (Tied after 4 minutes)

If the game is tied after 4 minutes, the remaining players on the court will have an opening rush and the team that record the first out will get the win for that game.