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Cup In Hand Kickball League

Montclair Kickball League - Montclair NJ

Cup In Hand Kickball League


Cup In Hand Co-ed Kickball - Monday - Montclair

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: 10v10 (3 females)
  • Locations: Yogi Berra Stadium
  • Days of the week: Monday
  • Starts on : Starts on Monday, May 7

NJ Play Sports Coed CUP IN HAND Co-Ed Kickball Rules

Montclair Coed Kickball Rules


- 10 fielders per coed kickball team (Minimum 3 Women)

- Kickball rosters must consist of at least 13 coed players

- All players present are required to kick

- No Bunting!

- Each non-roster sub must register in advance on our website and pay $10 sub fee at field before playing

- No subs permitted during playoffs

- Kickball League games will consist of 9 innings or 50 minutes whichever comes first (no new innings with start after 50 minutes)

- 1 inning will be played if the score is tied after 9 innings and time permits

- Tie games at game completion with result in a tie for each team

- Kickball Games called after 3 innings will be considered a complete game

- There is a 7 run limit per inning except in the last inning

- All players must arrive on-time to avoid forfeiture of game(Game time is forfeit time)

- All games are RAIN or SHINE (unless hazardous conditions)

- Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in future NJ Play activities, at the discretion of NJ Play officials.

Cup in Hand Kickball:

-All active players (all defensive fielders and offensive kickers/runners) MUST start each inning with liquid (ANY liquid allowed including water) in their cups ABOVE the designated line (middle groove in a standard Solo cup)

-A fielder cannot place their cup in their mouth/armpit/etc. or set/drop their cup to make a play (if this happens, the play is dead and the offensive player is safe/given the next base)

-If a fielder makes a play without a cup in their hand the runners advances to the next base or the base they were running towards

-If you’re asked to continue the game with only water in your cup. Consider it a warning for your behavior. Failure to comply will result in ejection from game.